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Early PeacockBass Fishing Reports from the Amazon.

World Class PeacockBass Fishing with Amazon Fishing Adventures: A Fishing Experience Like No Other!

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Early PeacockBass Fishing Reports from the Amazon. This will get your PeacockBass Passion flowing!

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Peacock Bass Fishing in the Amazon: A Fishing Adventure Like No Other

For the Amazon PeacockBass fishing enthusiast the reports are starting to trickle in. This will give our AFA angling friends and PeacockBass addicts some idea of the fishing conditions and activity reported to our Brazilian outfitters. We’re simply passing it on as it is made available to us. (Note: Some reports are mid week reports so will only reflect 2.5-3 days of fishing.)

RPA Reports: September 27-29, 2014 (2 1/2 days)

Igapoacu (FIFE) # anglers 12 total Peacocks 814 9 10-16# 1 17-19# River Falling

Tupana (FIFE) # anglers 8 total Peacocks 602 17 10-16# River Falling

RPA Reports: October 4-6, 2014 (2.5 days)

Matupiri (FIFE) # anglers 12 total Peacocks 444 6 10-16# 1 17-19# River Falling

Tupana (FIFE) # anglers 8 total Peacock 390 22 10-16 River Falling

Xeurini (FIFE) # anglers 8 total Peacocks 400 River Falling

This week our Fly-in Floating Expedition Cabins are located at the Muhura reservation in the Matupiri and the Tupana rivers and we are also breaking waters at the lower Xeruini with another 8 angler group. Weather has been fine in both fisheries with some tropical showers as usual, some more serious rain is expected towards next weekend in both areas, lighter in he Carvoeiro area. Water levels  are a bit high, mainly due to the El Niño influence in the region, this has somehow delayed the descent of the waters that are now descending as expected. Nevertheless fishing is showing good numbers, and feedback from the anglers also shows that they are enjoying good activity and the typical aggressiveness of peacocks at the beginning of the season. The largest PeacockBass trophy caught last week weighed 18 lbs and the final count for last week´s groups were a significant 2,649 peacockbass (12 anglers) and 1,551 peacockbass (8 anglers).

World Class PeacockBass Fishing with Amazon Fishing Adventures: A Fishing Experience Like No Other!


First Discovery of a GoldenDorado Fossil?

From the publication HoyCorrientes on December 16, 2013, we read of a recent fossil discovery related to the current “River Tiger” or GoldenDorado found in the Uruguay River of South America.


 On the banks of the Parana fished a golden 8 million years old

“(In the Gallery Below) is the first fossil record of a golden. His head, found in excellent condition, allowed a detailed description of this issue and know what these fish predators during the Miocene. Many anglers often brag and pose for the picture, after taking a golden water of certain dimensions. Meanwhile, Argentine paleontologists rescued a copy that may have exceeded 50 inches, but most important is not your size, but allowed to know the past of these important fish fauna in South American rivers.” 

Read the full story Here at CorrientesHoy.com. Remember to open with Google translator.


(4 Photo’s from CorrientesHoy.com)

It looks like the “River Tiger” or some close family member may have been around for a long, long time. I’m sure we’ll be hearing much more as this exploration and story continues to develop. In the mean time, I can’t wait to get reacquainted with the most current family members of the GoldenDorado found below the Salto Grande Dam in the Uruguay River of South America.



GoldenDorado Fishing Report: New World Record?

The most recent report for South American GoldenDorado fishing includes one massive behemoth of the species, Salmius maxillosus.                                                                                                                                                   Check this out!

 (Photo Credit Steve Townson)

According to Amazon Angler Steve Townson, his client/angler Andrei Bylchynski “is responsible for catching the largest GoldenDorado ever recorded in South America. At well over 60lbs, if it would have been weighed officially on land, it would have broken the World Record by an estimated 6-8 lbs.” 

The massive GoldenDorado was caught while casting a deep diving Rapala X Rap in the world famous tail waters of Salto Grande on the Uruguay River, Uruguay, SA. in the area known as “La Zona” [The Zone]. It is reported that when the behemoth was weighed on a 60lb boga grip, it bottomed out the internal scale. 

This fish certainly appears to be one of the largest GoldenDorado ever landed, perhaps the largest! Under IGFA (International Game Fish Association) certification guidelines any attempt to establish a certified record would require the specimen to be weighed on land. The fish was not and therefore a challenge to the all tackle world record * will not be forthcoming. If it would have been properly weighed on land and the numerous other certification details completed correctly it would have most likely entered the record books as a new All Tackle World Record.


[*Record presently stands at 55 pounds 11 ounces] 


We reported to you a few weeks ago of another angler in the group with angler Scott Krug who reported a GoldenDorado catch in early November of a giant well over 50#. There have been numerous others reported to landing cradle over the 55 pounds 11 ounces, the current world record mark as well. We have no doubt that these giants reside in the tails waters below Salto Grande and are being landed with more regularity.


There is no denying, this is one giant Golden and a magical catch for Andrei. 

But it leaves me with this comment to my angling brothers. Somebody please, when you land the next “River Tiger” of this magnitude, with all due respect and caution, run that puppy to land, weigh it on a certified scale, measure it, clip the line, take a few proper photo’s, clean up any necessary IGFA certification loose ends, get that Golden Torpedo back in the water and then let’s move this bar up to 60# or more where it appears that it should legitimately now rest. 

Congratulations Angler Andrei Bylchynski. Hats off to you and your tremendous catch!

Congratulation Amazon Angler’s Steve Townson, Untamed Angling and LaZona.

If GoldenDorado fishing is on your angling bucket list, contact us soon for all the details and schedule a trip to the World Famous Exclusive Tail Waters of Grande Salto, Uruguay, and the area know as LaZona!


GoldenDorado Fishing Report~ Uruguay River, South America

Recent GoldenDorado fishing report for the area know as “LaZona” filed by 

adventure angler Scott Krug.


Location: Exclusive Tail Waters of Salto Grande, Uruguay River, South America

Dates: Fishing November 1 – 4, 2013 



Adventure angler Scott Krug recently returned from South America and his first encounter with Salminus brasiliensis, the famed GoldenDorado. Or, as the locals prefer,  the “River Tiger.” 


“I have been fortunate to fish all over North and South America and never have I dealt with a freshwater fish so strong and difficult to land.”

“After hearing and reading so much the last five years about the fabulous fishing for GoldenDorado at a place known as La Zona on the Uruguay River, I finally got my chance to fish there earlier this month. I joined a great group of guys from Great Britain and we arrived in camp late on October 31st only to learn the water was quite high and very discolored. As a result, the fishing was tougher than usual but there were still some nice fish being caught.


We pushed off the next morning and headed up to the dam where the fishing is quite regulated. The hydroelectric dam is a joint venture between Argentina and Uruguay and only two boats from each country are permitted to fish immediately below the dam. In addition, fishing in the restricted area is allowed only for four days in a given week. 


The fishing conditions at the dam are like nothing I have ever encountered. The turbulence and current from the turbine discharges is tremendous and the crazy part of it is that this is where the fish are. Never would I have imagined that one could successfully fish in those conditions but we did.



Because of the high water, deeper diving lures like the CD 18 Rapala worked best which was somewhat disappointing because I was hoping to catch some fish on surface lures. Some in our group also tried fly fishing which proved to be mostly ineffective because of the high water.  Thus, we pounded the current and turbulence areas with deeper running plugs and spinnerbaits and managed to catch some fish. 


My muskie baitcasting tackle proved to be perfect for these conditions. I brought seven foot heavy duty graphite rods, quality reels such as the Calcutta 300TE loaded with 80 lb. Spectron line, and 90 lb. Sevenstrand leaders with Stringease Stay-Lok snaps. All lures were upgraded with stronger split rings and hooks and I was glad I did. These fish will really test/wreck your equipment as others in the group found out.


One fellow in our group did very well on big fish landing two 46 lb. fish, a 50 lber., and another well over 50 pounds! I went down with the hope of catching one 40 lbs. or better and ended up with a 40 lber., 42 lber., and a 44 lber. We caught a lot of fish over 20 lbs. and lost many more. 




Everyone was quite impressed with the strength and power of these fish.  I have been fortunate to fish all over North and South America and never have I dealt with a freshwater fish so strong and difficult to land. The only fish I can compare them too is the Tarpon I have caught on the Rio Colorado River in Costa Rica which is saying a lot!



I fully intend to get back to La Zona and would like to do so under lower water conditions. Everything I had read about the fighting ability and toughness of this fish proved to be true. GoldenDorado are a great challenge, a lot of fun, and anyone who enjoys fishing should consider this fishery.” __Scott Krug


I’ve written before about the brute strength of the GoldenDorado and the degree of difficulty from “hookup to landing cradle”. The strong, bone hard jaws with double rows of teeth, sometimes referred to as the “steel trap” make the “River Tiger” one of the toughest freshwater game fish on the planet today.





. . . whenever you are ready to plan that GoldenDorado adventure of a lifetime.


 The GoldenDorado of the Uruguay River sits right at the top of the Anglers Bucket List for exotic adventure angling!


Fishin’ Expeditions Friend Greg Thompson Organizes Special PeacockBass Amazon Adventure

Two veterans of the PeacockBass Fraternity, friend Greg Thompson and his buddy Bobby Foster, returned recently from an Amazon Fishing Adventure aboard the Santanawith with a testimony better than any fish story.

[Photo credit Greg Thompson (center) and Kansas City Star]
“But most of all they talked about friendships.”
“We coined a phrase, ‘Have a Bobby Foster Day.’ Bobby always has a great attitude. He’s always exactly where he wants to be, with who he wants to be with, and doing what he wants to do.
“This trip was about Bobby. This was Bobby’s time.”
Thompson organized a party of 11 of Foster’s friends for a trip back to the Amazon River Adventures business that had guided them in the past. Thompson had special shirts made, the staff threw parties in Foster’s honor, and the fishermen sat around and swapped fish stories of past trips.


Read the full story by Brent Frazee  in the Kansas City Star:

BTW…The PeacockBass fishing wasn’t to bad according to Greg Thompson…this PeacockBass veteran had two PeacockBass monsters over 20# and the big PeacockBass of the week was 23# caught by another veteran, Nelson Burnell.
PeacockBass Fishing in the Amazon: An Experience Unlike Any Other!

Fishin’ Expeditions Report: A TON of Redfish!




The fall feeding frenzy is on around the Mississippi Delta region and Captain Keith Kennedy of Born to Fish Charters is on A TON of Redfish! 2013 has proven to be a great year for Captain Keith’s clients and their quest for the Ole’ Channel Bass. It appears that the fall season will be no different. Friend Gary Clark and his Texas cousins just finished a three day fishing trip with Captain Keith and Gary is convinced that “well over one ton of Redfish made their way into the boat over the three day frenzy.” 


 Gary’s full report follows:

Well, guys, it’s always a pleasure to send you a report following one of my frequent trips to Venice, Louisiana to redfish with Capt. Keith Kennedy, but this one is truly exceptional.  


Two of my favorite cousins, Joe and Lynn Payne, from Austin, Texas, and I have been trying to get together for a redfish trip for a couple of years now, and we finally got our three schedules to match up with one another.  I had been bragging on Keith and the terrific fishing he produces, but I thought perhaps I had gone a bit overboard when I saw the THREE ice chests that they had in the Suburban that they picked me up in at the New Orleans airport.  Not to worry!  Day one alone saw 71 bull reds come into the boat!


That was followed by 38 the second day and then an even 40 on the third day for a total of 149!  Put another way, given the large average size, well over one TON of redfish made their way into the boat over the three day frenzy!  


As usual, popping corks and various plastics produced extremely well, but this time the reds also blasted big topwater Chug Bugs with a vengeance and nailed Rattletraps pumped up and down off the bottom.  Even the plastics under a cork were met with explosions like hand grenades going off!   Several nice trout and one big Jack Crevalle also found there way to the boat. 


To top it all off,  we were blessed with near perfect wind and weather conditions for the whole trip.  Keith has experienced one of his best summers ever and it appears that it is going to continue for quite some time to come.  It would not surprise me at all to see the exceptional fishing continue well into December, so it’s not too late to squeeze in one more fishing trip with him if you book soon.  


Joe and Lynn were super impressed with Keith’s gastronomic delights and his  attention to clients’ wants and needs in every aspect of the trip.  Just like everyone else that I’ve introduced to the Captain, they are already making plans for a return trip.  

Hope you do too. 

All the best,




WOW! Now that’s a great report. But it’s not an unusual report. At least for this past season. My trip last June was outstanding. Certainly one of my top three. Mike James and the Alabama gang had a great trip in early May. Gary had a good trip last month. Most anglers have reported similar results. There is just not a better destination available if you enjoy catching the Giants of the Bull Redfish. 


Captain Keith can accommodate groups of 3 or 6. His packages are all inclusive with lodging, meals, guides, boats and even tackle provided. Give him a call today at (504) 908-3108 to set up your next fishing adventure to the beaches and bays of the Venice, LA Delta region for some world class light tackle fishing. 



Call me anytime and I’ll get you hooked up with the Captain. Maybe you too will encounter and report on A TON of REDFISH!


New PeacockBass Destination ~ The Amazon Tucuna

New PeacockBass Destination ~ The Amazon Tucuna

Our newest Amazon Fishing Expedition destination is the Amazon Tucuna, a Classic Amazon Riverboat Style vessel just three years old. Classic platform with all the custom modern appointments to povide the best in maneuverability and accomodations while you pursue you quest, the explosive PeacockBass!  Welcome aboard the Amazon Tucuna.

Amazon Tucuna

While we are preparing a new destination page for The Amazon Tucuna you can check out more of the details in our most recent Fishing The Americas eNewsletter. In fact, if you are interested in a January 2014 PeacockBass adventure and can plan accordingly we have 4 open spaces that won’t last long at $4650.00 USD. View the FTA eNews and details HERE.

Make plans to join us soon on our new PeacockBass destination The Amazon Tucuna.


fishing the Americas Amazon PeacockBass UPDATE!

fishing the Americas Amazon PeacockBass UPDATE

eNewsletter Open Here

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Santana Fishing Boats

Fishing the Americas Amazon PeacockBass Update


PursuitChannel Magazine fishing the Americas Column

 The Fishing the Americas column and the story “Destination: Dead Woman’s Pass” is published in the new September edition of PursuitChannel Magazine. The story begins on page 70.

PursuitChannel September 2013

This article focuses on destination, guide, gear, primary lure selection and technique for catching the Monster Bull Redfish of the Mississippi Delta region. Check it out Here.


“Bucket Bend, Middle Ground, Dead Woman’s Pass. Wouldn’t you like to know the stories behind these names? During most every trip at some point we pass the lighthouse at Pass a l’Outre.  If only lighthouses could talk. History began for the first lighthouse at the entrance to the mighty Mississippi in 1852. I’m sure Pass a l’Outre could tell us a thing or two. Like how Dead Woman’s Pass got it’s name. Like why the area is sometimes a magnet for Monster Bull Redfish.”

Look for more articles like this in the months ahead in the Fishing the Americas column. Sign up for your free subscription of PursuitChannel Magazine now at the following address http://www.pursuitchannel.com


Great Fishing Reports Continue for Redfish around Venice, LA

Friend and avid Redfish angler, Dr. Gary Clark is at it again with Captain Keith Kennedy down in Venice, LA.


“The two of us put 90 in the boat over three days. 20 + pounds common and many over 30 pounds. The fishing this summer has been outstanding and stable. Captain Keith has a few 3 day 4 night opening remaining for late summer and fall Redfish fishing.”