Expedition Camps: Fly-In Floating Cabins

Are you the adventurous peacock bass angler who desires a remote, more intimate setting, away from the large lodges and crowded fishing boats found around Barcelos? And are you the fisherman who wants hundreds of miles of productive waters with very limited fishing pressure? Then look no further than The Expedition Fly-In Floating Cabins.

What is so special about the Expedition Fly-In Floating Cabins for Peacock Bass Fishing?                 

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Sport fishing yachts, commercial fishing boats and even sustenance  fishing must stop when low water prevents passage. Yet, 6-8 hours beyond these barriers is where some of the the great Peacock Bass fishing starts! With the Expedition Fly-In Floating Cabins , our anglers are able to access these Amazon pristine remote fisheries like never before. RPA’s six independent Fly-In Floating Cabins (I, II, III, IV, V, VI) are the ultimate solution for optimizing shallow drafting mobility, comfort and luxury.

The Expedition Camps are located at the headwaters of small tributaries with fish-filled secluded lagoons, which are 3 – 9 hours on a fast bass boat from the melee of competing house boats and lodges on the Negro’s river deep channel waterways.

Once our small 8-guest parties arrive in Manaus, they are whisked away to our remote camps in the RPL 8 passenger turbo-pop float plane or a fixed wheel charter flight combined with  RPA Express Fast Boat.

Wake up every morning in your Expedition Fly-In Floating Cabin next to a remote virgin lagoon in the heart of the savagely beautiful Amazon Rainforest.

 The Junglelow Cabins The Cabins
Super-Comfortable Floating Expedition Camp

The Floating Cabin is your home at the Jungle’s edge. The fishing pressure is very light and the areas fished are rotated in order to preserve and improve the fishery. As a “catch and release” operation, the guides take great pains to ensure that all of the hooked fish are returned in good health to fight another day.

A peacock bass trip to Brazil’s vast and untamed Amazon basin is truly a unique adventure. For many of you, this will be the closest opportunity you’ll ever have to experience the unique sights, sounds and smells of the world’s largest rain forest. With the floating cabins you’re normally camped right at the edge of the jungle.

Cabins are Air-conditioned

Jungalow_Camps We want to further enhance this unique Amazon Fishing Expedition for you. For several years, we have offered the combination of fishing yachts and floating hotels to our clients. The floating hotels were basically stationary barges, moored to the shore, and acted as your base of operations for your week of peacock bass fishing. Depending on the conditions, anglers occasionally had to travel 1-2 hours from the moored facilities to locate good concentrations of fish. For the, upcoming, 2o11-12 fishing season, we will take your Amazon experience to a new level. This year we will be utilizing River Plate Anglers extremely mobile Fly-In Floating Cabins for our clients. These 12’ x 15’elegantly adorned, stable, floating cabins will provide you a genuine jungle feel, as you will enjoy the tranquility of white sandy beaches and grassy shorelines that have seldom been visited.

George Walter's butterfly IGFA challenge The Expedition Fly-In Floating Cabins will, depending on season and water conditions, be located in the upper regions of the various tributaries. They will be moved on a regular basis to keep you in fresh fishing water. Although usually located on specific river systems the  Floating Cabins can quickly be relocated to other rivers as the quality of fishing or seasonal conditions dictate. Your fishing day will often encounter newly discovered lakes and lagoons which have seen no fishing pressure from the commercial fishermen and very little from other sport fishermen. You may be casting plugs to Peacock Bass that have never seen a plug before. Hang on!

The location is so isolated that access is limited to very shallow draft boats, such as the Floating Cabins. There are no nearby villages and only a scattered number of locals who fish from small dugout canoes.

New IGFA Certified World Record Orinoco Species Peacock weighed 16 # 1 oz. and was caught on 2/12/10 by George Walters fishing on the Urubaxi River, Amazonas, Brazil from a RPA Fly-In Floating Camp.

                                                                                                                                                                          The Expedition Luxury Floating Camp on the Move! peacockbassfishing_caravanx5

As conditions dictate, the entire camp can be whisked to a new location, each day, as you probe the various rivers, with their hidden lakes and lagoons with your experienced native guide. The shallow draft tugboat, with the cabins in tow (see diagram at right featuring the entire camp flotilla), can traverse shallow bars that would be inaccessible to most other operations. As you return from a productive day of fishing, our camp staff will have the camp set up and waiting for you on some unspoiled beach.

Each of these new mobile, all-aluminum, Floating Cabins feature reduced noise air-conditioning, private bathroom, fully carpeted interiors; comfortable bed with linen sh Four Course Meals eets, writing tables and built-in shelving for clothing and gear. We’ve even thought of evening reading lights.

Dining, cocktails and lounging take place in a spacious central structure with patio area. In the 12’ x 23’ dining/sitting lounge, you will dine on linen table cloths enjoying our chef’s four course meals. An excellent variety of both continental and exciting regional dishes make up the week’s menu. Fresh breads and pastries are baked daily and chilled wines, ice-cold beer, soft drinks, and Brazilian-style margaritas flow freely throughout your fishing trip.Copia de INTERIOR con avion

Each of our six Floating Cabin Camp operations are managed by a Brazilian “co-owner”, a knowledgeable  fisherman, experienced in handling logistics inherent to the Amazon fishing operations. Since our groups are small, the manager, together with a bilingual host , and a staff of 14 offer unique personalized hands-on attention. Breakfast room service, laundry service and guest satellite phone are a few of the available amenities.

What you won’t find are many pesky bugs. The pristine rivers we fish have naturally-high tannin levels (from extensive leaf decay) which discourage the development of biting insects. Of the few bugs which might exist, our daily mobility eliminates any possibilities of concentrations.

Artist’s Rendering of Your Personal “Cabin” for Your
Amazon Fishing Expedition and Adventure

 Amazon Explorer Boats This sketch shows the comfortable bedroom for your adventure into the Jungle.
The room is fully air conditioned with twin beds, private bath, storage areas and a reading light over each bed.

Expedition Fly-In Floating Camps Fishing Boats  peacock bass (22)

After years of experience fishing Brazil’s Amazon watershed, we have learned the  best ways to find and to fish the most remote and lightly or un-fished areas. We understand the types of fishing boats that work best for reaching those remote areas that hold the big bass.

The fishing is from all welded aluminum shallow draft tunnel bass boats with swivel seats, large casting decks, outboard and trolling motors. These boats are 20 feet long with a 40 HP outboard and all the standard bass boat features trolling motor, high swivel seats, etc. Anglers fish 2 per boat and one guide.

Although the bass boat we use have the features that make for a comfortable day on the water, yet they are still sufficiently light to navigate over the shallow sandbars, gravel flats and other shallow water obstacles to remote fishing locations. peacock bass (19)

Our guides are some of the best in the business: carefully trained, hard core sport fishermen themselves, who are intimately familiar with the complexities of peacock bass fishing in the Amazon. Many have guided American  anglers for 15 years or more. With thousands of fish boated for clients, they’ll put you onto big numbers of big fish like no one else in the Amazon. They are all eager to show you a fantastic adventure, welcoming you to their Amazon home.

RATE includes (as per itinerary):

  • All charter flights.

  • All necessary ground transfers.

  • One overnight at Tropical Hotel in Manaus on arrival.

  • Guided-operated 20 foot fully equipped shallow drafting bass boat per two anglers

  • Fishing licenses.

  • All meals at fishing destination, including wine, beer and hard liquor.

  • Daily laundry and maid service at fishing destinations. Note baggage packing weight limits.

  • 2 Loomis rods with Shimano reels and fishing line are available at camp for every angler.

NOT included:

  • US Domestic and International air fare. 

  • Passport and Brazilian Visa.

  • Suggested voluntary tips to camp staff (~ $150) and fishing guides (~ $150).

  • Jigs at camp for sale: $ 5 each. We provide $ 1 refund for returned used jigs.

  • Food and beverages in Manaus and private city tours.

  • Special transfers and hotel reservations when not arriving/ departing with the party.

  • Airport departure tax.

  • Satellite phone calls ($ 5/minute).

  • Extra hotel overnights.

Luggage Weight Limit:

45 lbs. per person is allowed on the float plane divided as follows:
One 12 lbs. piece as “Carry-on” plus one 33 lbs. piece as “Check-in” packed in soft small duffle bag (except for rod cases) no rigid bottom.

All luggage (Carry-on & Check-in) will be weighed at the airport.
No over-weight will be allowed on the float plane and any excess  luggage will be stored at the hotel.


Trip Itinerary

Day 1 tropical-manaus

* Plan your home location flights to arrive at Miami/Atlanta airport with plenty of time for check-in for your international flight.

* Departure from Miami/Atlanta to Manaus.

* Arrive in Manaus and if time allows, after you have cleared customs, our representative will take you to your overnight at the Hotel Tropical, which  is 15 minutes away.

Day 2

* Departures to one of our six Expedition Fly-In Floating Cabins Camps or the Black Water Explorer houseboat, on the RPA 8 Passenger Cessna  turboprop float and/or combination of charter flight + fishing boats, start at 6.30 a.m. Float Plane

*Time allowing, fish for a few hours in the afternoon.

Day 3 thru Day 8

* Six full fishing days

* Breakfast is served at 7:00 a.m. and your guide will be ready to leave by 7:30 a.m.

* If staying on a Floating Cabin, we suggest you return to camp for lunch and a “siesta ” since you could be as close as 5-15 minutes away.

* If staying at the Black Water Explorer in the Indian Reserves (limited entries), we suggest you also return for lunch and a “siesta ” since the low fishing pressure lagoons are next to the deep navigable waterways where the yacht will be anchored.

* If staying at the Black Water Explorer at locations other than the /Indian Reserves, we suggest you have a picnic lunch in the fishing area since the distance is substantial. All yachts must stop where low water prevents passage, so the fishing areas are generally 1 to 2 hours away.

Day 9

* Time allowing, fish a few hours in the morning.

* Depart from Expedition Fly- In Floating Cabins or Black Water Explorer on floatplane and/or combination of charter flight + fishing boats to Manaus.

* Afternoon / night departure back to the U.S.

The deposit due for this adventure is $1500.00 USD due within 10 days of booking. All funds are deposited into a special account until payment is required by the Brazilian operator. There will be no refunds of any monies paid toward the trip.  We strongly recommend trip cancellation insurance in case of a last minute emergency, illness or other covered reason for cancellation. We can assist you in obtaining this insurance. We encourage you to plan your reservation well in advance of your trip to insure that you will travel during the dates most convenient for you.

The peak fishing season runs from mid-August through March. All of our trips are booked on a first come basis.

We cannot be responsible for costs associated with changes or cancellations in flight schedules that the airline may institute. The client is responsible to be available by 6:00 a.m. on the Saturday at the beginning of their trip.
Any delays or missed flights may result in additional costs for transportation to the fishing area at the anglers expense. Again, we strongly recommend and encourage trip cancellation insurance in case of a last minute emergency.

A valid United States passport with a minimum of six (6) months before expiration is required on all trips. To enter Brazil, a Brazilian Visa is required. For help with passports and visas, contact us for details.


If you want a more rustic experience in the Jungle; want to catch some big Peacock Bass; want to catch a lot of Peacock Bass, look no further than The Expedition Fly-In Floating Cabins and Camps. They will assuredly satisfy those desires. Come challenge the mighty peacock bass and leave the main waterway crowds behind!




Join us for a Amazon Fishing Expedition to the “Lost Lagoons” of the Interior Reaches of the Amazon Watershed in your personal “Floating  Cabin!” Give us a call and let us plan your next fishin’ expedition into the Amazon Rain Forest of Brazil to catch the explosive Peacock Bass! 

Contact Us to arrange your Amazon Fishing Adventure aboard the Expedition Fly-In Floating Cabins!


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